Lone Pine Farm provides top-quality full care for your trail/pleasure horse in a peaceful, private farm setting.  Simply cross the road to miles of maintained bridle trails in the Sugarcreek MetroPark, ride in the 60’x100’ dust-controlled indoor arena or work your horse in the professionally installed 60’ round pen.

Stalls are fully matted and 10’x12’ in size (several even larger) and the bathroom/changing room has a fridge and is nicely appointed.  Services include:

  • Feedings twice per day, including feeding special owner-provided supplements if needed
  • Constant access to fresh water via automatic waterer
  • Mineral block/salt block always available
  • Stalls cleaned once per day when horses turned in
  • Bedding with ample wood shavings
  • Parasite control/deworming schedule for all horses
  • Daily inspections for injury or illness

Owner lives on property and has 25+ years of experience managing horses.  Horses are on maximum turnout year-round.  We believe a healthy horse is a turned-out horse.  Spring/Summer/Fall horses on pasture daily.  Boarding geldings only at this time.

Service provider agnostic: use our farrier or yours, use our vet or yours, use our dentist or yours.  Boarded horses encompass a variety of breeds, with all primarily used for trail riding.  No drama and boarders often trail or arena ride together.

For information on rate and availability, please email info@horsenanny.com or call/text 937.307.3652.  Visit us on Facebook!